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Dave Kilbourne was raised up on historic Pawleys Island, which is only loosely attached to the South Carolina Low Country, and then relocated upstate to beautiful Aiken, South Carolina where he spent his formative years growing up as a free-range child.
After graduating without distinction or honors from Aiken High the author promptly spent nearly a week doing hard time in the Aiken City Jailhouse with five other equally mischievous classmates who made up most of the first string of the AHS football team. See the humorous story Go Directly To Jail. Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect Two-Hundred Dollars for further details.  Immediately following this mischief he served a brief stint in the United States Marine Corps. It was either that or join the Peace Corps and learn to grade fair-trade coffee in Ecuador or learn the intricacies of Nigerian banking practices.
 Following these adventures, Kilbourne was a U.S. Forest Service Lookout Tower Operator, a Forest Ranger, a Timber Cruiser and a Rattlesnake Wrangler deep down in the Savannah River swamps. He has also been a newspaper columnist, a high school librarian, a writer and a publisher and a short-order cook at the Dreamland Diner down there on Elm Street. Locals referred to the diner as Nightmare on Elm Street. He also spent eight happy years during these various and sundry activities as a college student and thoroughly enjoyed every course and credit.
Additionally, Kilbourne was once a teacher and part-time School Psychologist. There is nothing more dangerous than a part-time psychologist. Many of his former student clients are still in intensive counseling as they attempt to overcome his professional care. The only activity he was allowed to engage in that might be considered more dangerous to students was when, as a high school sophomore he was granted a school bus driver’s license at sixteen years of age! Sit down, buckle up and hang on!
After attending Clemson University he began a colorful career in Forestry, which provided a rich source of information for his subsequent books. In his later life as a downtown shopkeeper he owned and operated the infamous Pyromania Tallow Works which was a highly flammable candle factory and art gallery operating on the same basis as a Wild West rodeo show. Entire cities, such as Chicago, have burned flat to the ground with less cause than this outlaw candle making enterprise provided during those halcyon days.  Google “Great Chicago Fire” for additional information.

The author currently resides at Camp Kilbourne deep in a walnut orchard with his teenage daughter, Savannah A. Kilbourne, the finest daughter in all the land. Together they possess a personal library of 3,880 titles as both of them enjoy a good read.  In this case the walnut didn’t fall far from the tree...and so forth and so on.

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