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Dave Kilbourne, L.W.S., E.T.C.
Licensed Word Smith
Writer of Words 
Specializing in English Language Words
Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms & Idioms
Metaphors, Analogies & Similes
Lavish use of Vowels & Consonants

Partial Listing of Services Provided:
Humorous Wedding Toasts & Obituaries
Written Statements of All Kinds for All Purposes
Fictionalized Accounting of Supposedly True Events
Columnist, Humorist, Satirist, & Ironist
Personal Memoirs of Little Consequence
Oxymorons for All Occasions
Quotes, Quips, Witticisms
Witty Repartee & Insults
Criticisms, Critiques & Other Self-Serving Verbosity
Unsolicited Opinions Ad Nauseam
Tall Tales & Short Stories
Book Reports & Homework Assignments
Miscellaneous Instructions for Assembly
Advice & Personal Servicing of the Lovelorn
Granting of Poetic License
Microbrew Journalism, Recipes & Tasting Reviews
Pharmaceutical Prescriptions

530-345-0900  (o)
530-680-5776  (m)
2380 Alamo Avenue, back by the pizza oven
Chico, CA. 95926

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