What Readers are Saying

“Hotter than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut!”
Herpetologist’s Field Notes

“Delightful big bouquet.  Titillates the palate ... Subtle yet Bold and robust!
Wine Lovers Journal

“I like the part where I am personally mentioned the most.”
James Reilley, Butte County Superior Court Judge, mediocre pool player

“A lusty romp we won’t see the likes of again in this lifetime.”
Barbara Geshekter, sensualist and author, Words to that Effect

“I especially enjoyed the Harry Flashman story!”
Richard Parker, Prof. Emetris, author, The Logic of Billiards.

”Very funny Dave, very funny.”
Karen Potter, Publisher in Chief, The Synthesis

“Cheers, Pip Pip, and Tallyho! I shall return in a fortnight.”  
Rob Burton, author, Hops and Dreams, The Story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

“Neighbor Dear has produced the finest literary work to be written in our neighborhood for several weeks!”
Sandy Kalinowski.

“Industrial Strength!” 
Northwestern Janitorial Supply Newsletter

“Very nicely designed and formatted. It gives me a touch of the quivering whim whams!”  Connie Ballou, Back Alley Graphics.

“This is incredible. In truth I don’t believe a word of it!”  
Ruth Younger, Professional Editor and Wordsmith.

“This tasty collection of incredible stories of human adventure offers a deeply complex blending of whole cone hops and toasted malts which yields a palate-numbing 7.8 ABV combined with a hop intensity of 90 IBUs!”
American Brewer’s Symposium
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